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Jenny has been my dog sitter since 2006. Jenny is truly the most loyal, trusted pet sitter I have ever had.

Jenny is kind, respectful, and responsible. I trust her to enter freely into my home for day walks, and, when I travel out of town, she stays at my home.

I often take trips of great distances for one week or more: to the east coast, and even as far away as Asia. When my dogs are in Jenny’s care, I never worry about them. I always feel 100% comfortable that they are being cared for and loved, and most importantly, are safe.

Patricia and Jim C. (Buddy & Archer)

I highly recommend Jenny for pet sitting. We have a rescue dog that was abused as a puppy, and he has many issues. His biggest fear is trusting people. 

During the first initial visit, Jenny could tell that he would require some special handling. Jenny was on a mission; she was determined. She said “I will not give up.” After about three additional visits of giving him mini training sessions, Jenny was his best friend. 

He only lets certain people put his harness on and off, and now Jenny is able to put it on and off of him as well. Jenny is trusworthy and conscientious. I’ve used Jenny for overnight stays, walking and day visits. Jenny is the one I trust 100% with my dog, Ponto. 

Trisha S, (Ponto)  

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Jenny has been taking care of my two dogs for the last two years and I can honestly say that she has been and is a very responsible, caring, and loving in her profession, in addition Jenny has demonstrated incredible commitment to her work.

Recently we had encountered a very difficult situation when we were out of town and Jenny was able to handle it in a very professional and caring way to the point that even our veterinarian commented how lucky were to have Jenny as our pet sitter. Basically she went far and beyond of her duties in order to save our dog.

Any pet parent would be very fortunate to have Jenny Pike taking care of their much beloved pets. 

Sandra C. (Floppy & Furry)​
Jenny has been our pet-sitter for many years. Jenny is an extremely compassionate and excellent pet sitter. She is very skilled in dealing with pets. She is amazing! She has always shown kindness, love and care each time she visits. She genuinely loves taking care of all animals. She is their favorite person! Not only do my dogs love her, but they can even hear her driving towards the house before she even gets here. It’s quite funny how they act when she drives up to the driveway. Jenny is trustworthy and a very diligent. 

She has helped us out in our pet emergencies when we got stuck at work, didn’t back from vacation on time, and many last minute phone calls to her that we needed her help. She has always been there for us and we HIGHLY recommend her. She has relieved us during many times of stress and was happy to help us.  

She goes over and beyond the call of duty, and has even surprised us with photos and yard clean ups. She has cleaned up our yard better than we could! She keeps in great communication with us through phone calls and text messages to let us know everything has gone well. What peace of mind we have all because of Jenny! We trust her and that means a lot. 

Deric & Michelle T. (Kanji, Li Mei, & Jia)
Jenny of Jenny's Pet Sitting has been taking care of our pets (four cats & three dogs) in our absence for at least three years now. Whether for a single day or a week or more we have been able to count on Jenny to take care of our animals in the same way we would. We can go away and enjoy our time without a single concern for the welfare of our pets. We won't even consider an alternative!

Without reservation we can recommend Jenny's service because we know she is dependable and more than capable. Those are two very important qualities when considering a pet sitter. However, even more important, is the love she has for the animals in her care. She enjoys them, they know it and become very excited when she shows up. I'm quite sure they hardly miss us when we are gone!

Linda and Ron M. (Hershey, Tanner, Cooper, Toby, Buster, Topsy, & Turvy)
Jenny, of Jenny’s Pet-Sitting, has been pet sitting for me for the last several years. I have an Australian Shepherd dog and twenty four turtles and tortoises.

When I am away, Jenny comes twice a day to feed and care for the animals. She also does overnights at my house when I need her to do so.

Jenny does an excellent job caring for my animals. My dog is always happy to see her, which is a good recommendation. Jenny is responsive to my requests and leaves the kitchen neat and tidy. I trust her with my pets.

Mimi L. (Sam & The Turtle "Gang")

I have been using the services of Jenny's Pet Sitting for the last four years and am extremely satisfied with her services.

She takes care of our two Weimaraners (Cooper and Ruby) when my husband and I vacation, which is about six times per year. She feeds them twice a day, picks up their mess, removes our mail from the box, and turns on the lights in our home to make it look like someone is home.

We feel very relieved and secure when we are away from our home that Jenny Pike is taking care of business. Our dogs don't have to go through the pain and stress of going to a kennel and I think they appreciate it also.

We highly recommend Jenny Pike for her pet sitting services.

Cindy and Bob T. (Cooper & Ruby)
We are thrilled to write this for our favorite pet and house sitter, Jenny. Jenny walks our two dogs twice a week, and has stayed at our home several times to care for the dogs and our two cats while we were away on vacation. Not only do we feel utterly confident having Jenny in our home, our dogs absolutely adore her and they go crazy when she shows up.

Jenny is one of those people who has such a kind and caring spirit that animals just love her. One of our dogs, a German Shepherd mix, is timid around people, and only loves a select few. Jenny is, without a doubt, one of her favorite people in the world. We didn't know it, but Jenny knew our dog, Olivia, from several years ago when we boarded her in San Marcos. When Jenny first arrived at our home to meet the animals and go over their routine, she recognized Olivia, and Olivia certainly remembered her.

We were impressed that she had made a connection with our dog and actually remembered her on sight, considering how many animals she has worked with over the years. She is a special person.

Jenny is reliable, kind, and attentive. We always feel that our animals are in good hands when they are with Jenny, and we know they are happy. We could not recommend her more highly.

Rachel R. & E. John R., M.D. (Olivia, Frodo, Turtle, & Peanut)
This is a pleasure and honor to write for Jenny. She is an amazing pet sitter. All 3 of our dogs love her!! They are happy to see her when she arrives. Jenny always shows them unconditional love. She is a very a dependable, responsible, and trustworthy person. She has taken care of our dogs on several occasions. 

We usually have her stay at our house as this makes our dogs feel most comfortable. We trust Jenny completely with our home. She takes great care of our dogs and our home. We are fortunate to have such a fabulous care giver for our precious pups.

Bridget and Jay G. (Bailey, Gracie, & Rhea)
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